RemoteSQA™ demonstrates the power of structured, controlled, and fully documented SQA.

Manage SQA with complete control, automatically assigning the best person to specific tasks.

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Effective work is the direct result of people with clear objectives and standards using the right tools for the right task at the right time.

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RemoteSQA. A better way to manage SQA.

The purpose of software is to achieve a faster, more accurate result compared to manual, paper processes. That's what RemoteSQA™, an exclusive online suite, does for DOE contractors: it provides a cradle-to-grave controlled process for software quality assurance.

Assign tasks and roles to match your SQA plans and procedures

RemoteSQA is built to allow contractors to determine which steps are appropriate to their SQA plans and procedures. Based on your selected processes, roles are assigned based on your personnel's abilities and job descriptions.

From the time software is requested or discovered, RemoteSQA puts your people on a path of structured and documented control. Following each step, RemoteSQA automatically alerts personnel about items that require attention. Using rules-based processing, RemoteSQA assures that no required entries are missed prior to approval.

Control SQA from request to retirement

RemoteSQA provides complete transparency, enabling managers and administrators to know what's happening at any SQA step. If there is a bottleneck, you'll have enough information to do something about it. And you won't need to locate multiple SQA records to understand the entire spectrum of SQA activities. Just open up a software item and drill down to see each step as it occurs and its supporting documentation.

RemoteSQA can become your managed software list in support of your cyber security procedures. It handles software management for each of the following tasks with supporting documentation and signature support:

When it comes to SQA management, RemoteSQA delivers. Every step can output documentation to support your SQA efforts. And, every step is configurable to match your unique operation.

Screen Shots

SQA Dashboard

The SQA dashboard provides role-based queues to isolate specific users to tasks for which they are responsible.


Action List

Upon selection from the Dashboard, users can manage any actions with quick clicks and navigation.

Request List

Task Completion

You are always aware of the status and scope of each task and how it fits into the total SQA process.

Task Completion

Configuration Review

To assure completed cofiguration and control, approvals of each software request and action can be applied.


Requirements Management

The keys to managing most contractor software are "requirements." RemoteSQA allows quick entry of requirements and traces all related design, test and results as the process advances.

Design & Test Planning

Test planning is structured and traceable to requirements using RemoteSQA's toolsets.

test planning

test results

V&V Test Results

Verification and validation testing is sensibly accomplished using a test plan that provides results entry and evidence.

Verification and Validation Reporting

V&V documentation is a snap. Submission can be accommodated in print or electronic forms, integrating the QA oversight requirements as you see fit.

Verification and Validation Submission

RemoteSQA is available as a single component to your SQA implementation, or it can be a part of an overall service delivered by TeamSQA. If this is the type of controlled, manageable SQA toolset you're looking for, contact TeamSQA, today.  More...


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