SQA compliance means you have verifiable assurance your software will perform.

There are practical ways to demonstrate and document software quality. TeamSQA can help you get there.

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TeamSQA stands ready to provide the expertise and tools to help your organization remove the obstacles to SQA compliance.



Apply software knowledge to QA

Like any DOE order, contractors must staff to assure compliance. Software quality assurance adds its own unique challenges.

SQA is all-encompassing

DOE O 414.1D refers to a variety of references that contractors must consider to properly understand and implement SQA plans and procedures. Here are some of those references:

Software must be managed from user requirements through retirement. It requires control from procurement to configuration control. Once a contractor acquires or develops software, they are required to categorize it. Based on that categorizion, they must grade it to determine the level of rigor and control.

Some categories of software mandate careful documentation including requirements, design, and testing plans. Quality Assurance staffing must be able to determine the adequacy of these documents and trace each requirement all the way through test results.

Get our team on your team

At TeamSQA, we help contractors develop and implement SQA plans and procedures to meet DOE requirements. If your QA staff needs to offload certain SQA tasks, our seasoned sofware development and QA professionals stand ready to support you. If you don't have an SQA plan or your plans and procedures require an update, we can help.  More...

Get the right tools for the job

To enhance your SQA implementation, TeamSQA provides online tools. Our web-based systems can be foundational to your organization demonstrating compliance. RemoteSQA™ provides comprehensive capabilities to categorize and grade software. It can help your users develop requirements, document design criteria, and enter test results. Our tools can become your method to document your SQA, providing complete traceability.  More...


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