Does your software QA program comply with
DOE O 414.1D?

Our job is to help you achieve compliance in the most sensible way possible.

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Effective work is the direct result of people with clear objectives and standards. It's about using the right tools for the right task at the right time.

TeamSQA can help you get there and stay there.

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Let us handle any or all of your software QA

The United States Department of Energy places importance on the software used by its contractors to deliver services. That's why DOE orders all contractors to assess, grade, configure, and manage its software to demonstrate and document its quality.

TeamSQA serves DOE contractors with a single focus: to provide the best path to DOE software quality assurance compliance. That means that contractors can forge ahead on mission-critical tasks knowing that their software is assessed, graded, validated, and configured with documentable, verifiable quality.

TeamSQA provides full services, personnel, and tools to assist you:

Contact TeamSQA, today, to discuss options to advance your mission.  More...

How can you KNOW you've met DOE quality assurance requirements?

DOE Order 414.1D states that its contractors administer a "graded" approach for ALL software used in its operation. That grading determines the rigor required to demonstrate software quality. Find more information about DOE compliance, now.  More...

Maximizing your team's efforts

TeamSQA serves as both a consulting and development firm. We are comprised of seasoned software and QA professionals. TeamSQA offers you the flexibility of assigning key SQA functions and tasks to your staff or our staff to match the skill set of your organization. Discover the benefits of teaming up with TeamSQA.  More...

Use comprehensive, online services

Software quality assurance is structured. As such, this structure is programmable and can be leveraged into a database management tool. TeamSQA provides an online system named RemoteSQAâ„¢ to empower DOE contractors to systematically meet DOE requirements. Learn how the features and functions of RemoteSQA can become a tool to your SQA program, including how it fully documents each step along the way.  More...


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